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Welcome to our website: we are committed & agrave; your entire satisfaction. The close cooperation of all the items ordered here speaks here, "you can see on our website, you get in 7 days. & Quot; Easy & agrave; Appreciate before the return or exchange, you must contact us and send back the contact of the article before returning the address of expedition. Contact us! All items returned to us must be in their original state, supported, modified, or washed, with all tags attached.

All items ordered are the right package you choose here. We are committed to good projects. Therefore, if the return refunds the correct item. Expenses of shipping and handling are not refundable
We do not return the shipping fees or a correct package exchange, you will take care of the transportation. In addition, we recommend that you add a tracking and insurance for their own protection, because we are not responsible for lost property.

All returned merchandise must be a delivery address, we will send you an e-mail, you are sent to us!

Forex We are committed & agrave; make exchanges after the original 30-day expiry date to order a different size or color. Please contact us with your order number and the members of our team will help you. Contact us! If you want to change a project in another way, you have to return your returned items and you like the style of the new order.

You must contact the articles before contacting us. All the items will be returned to us, which were & oacute; made in their original state, changed or washed, with all attached labels. Used or dirty items will be returned to you.

We do not pay for the freight, you will come back and be responsible for the shipping charges for your exchange of goods. We encourage you & agrave; send tracking articles and insurance, to protect our own increase, because we are not responsible for lost property. Expenses for shipping and handling are not refundable.

The cancellation of orders must be made before sending the order. The reason is that, after the award of the contract, we canceled. all orders after that they can be sent. I hope you understand this important point. The cancellation request that has been made. sent to the contract will be handled in accordance with the terms of the contract. the return policy. And you have to pay a commission. the bank.

Tips: When you receive your tracking number & gt; 10 digits within 3 days of your order, you may have seen your mail server as spam. In this case, please contact us for help & quot; the track.
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